Myths About HIV

There are numerous types of this generally unfold HIV fable: It was developed by the CIA, the Russians or in Hitler’s labatories for use in germ warfare or to wipe out a minority. Unsurprisingly, none of those are true, and plenty of of them date again to instances when so little was identified in regards to the illness that such rumours appeared believable. It’s now believed that HIV is a mutation of a illness carried by Chimpanzees – Simian Immunodeficiency Virus – and that it was most likely transferred to people by way of blood contact by the searching of an contaminated animal. The primary recorded occasion of an HIV demise was recorded in 1959 within the Congo.

Swallowed bleach will forestall HIV an infection

Based on an Related Press article from earlier within the yr, some teenagers in Florida are beneath the mistaken perception that swallowing bleach will kill the HIV virus. Whether or not or not any teenagers genuinely imagine this weird AIDS fable, it is necessary to restate the truth that swallowing bleach won’t kill the virus – however would possibly very effectively kill you. Whereas utilizing bleach on shared needles is recommendation direct from the Facilities for Illness Management, swallowing it will do no good in anyway, and should effectively do some unhealthy…

Madmen are leaving syringes full of HIV constructive blood the place they are going to infect random folks

There are all kinds of AIDS myths round syringes containing HIV contaminated blood both intentionally or by chance infecting innocents who come throughout them. Film theatre chairs, gasoline pump handles, coin slots on payphones and random injections at nightclubs have all be touted, however none of them quantity to an actual risk with no recorded situations of individuals contracting the virus by any of those strategies. The forwarded emails these are sometimes unfold by are mischief making scare mongering in keeping with varied sources, and there are two sources of consolation to take if nonetheless anxious: 1) The HIV virus can’t final for very lengthy exterior of its host, so discarded needles are unlikely to be a risk, and a couple of) Even when injected with a syringe of contemporary HIV contaminated blood, there’s round a 1 in 200 probability of turning into HIV constructive (although this will increase with the quantity of blood concerned)

Mosquitos can transmit HIV

It is an HIV fable you can get AIDS by way of mosquito bites. As a result of mosquitoes don’t inject blood into their prey, they can’t unfold HIV on this method. The way in which they’ll unfold the likes of malaria and yellow fever is thru the insect’s saliva however HIV will not be unfold in that manner. If the insect hasĀ HIV Test HIV contaminated blood in its intestine, there is a slim probability that swatting it, after which scratching the itch might result in an infection, however it’s such a protracted shot that this has by no means been recorded.

HIV can solely infect homosexual males and drug customers

That is an age previous AIDS fable that simply will not go away. The HIV virus can infect anybody of any age, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Whereas it is true that anal intercourse carries a better danger of an infection, most penetrative intercourse acts carry a danger of transferring the virus.

An HIV contaminated mom can’t have youngsters

HIV doesn’t have an effect on fertility – although it is attainable that in its later phases ladies could have a better probability of spontaneous miscarriage. The prospect of transferring the illness to an unborn baby is 15-30% usually however diminished to 2-Three% in the event that they comply with medical tips.

There have been plans to kill a Sesame Avenue Character with AIDS to show youngsters about demise

When Jim Henson died in 1990, hearsay unfold that Ernie from Sesame Avenue could be killed off, both as a result of Jim Henson did his voice and no-one else may very well be discovered, or to show youngsters to cope with demise. Regardless of the studio’s denial, these rumours continued to unfold and one of many explanations was that he would both die by terminal sickness – AIDS, most cancers or leukaemia – or by way of some form of site visitors accident. Not one of the muppets on the present have ever handed on, though when the actor who performed Mr Hooper died in 1982 the present handled the state of affairs truthfully, and culminated within the adults serving to Huge Hen perceive that his good friend would not be coming again.

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